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Team up with dZi Foundation in our race to transform lives in the mountains of Nepal.

Join us in supporting the dedicated US team of dZi Foundation cyclists as they take on The Trois Etapes, a grueling, four-day pro-am cycling event through the French Pyrenees. All donations go directly toward transforming some of the most remote communities on Earth through dZi Foundation’s groundbreaking Deep Development model. Learn more about dZi Foundation’s work here.

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4-18-2014 Anonymous “We and the wind are behind you Lenny”


4-17-2014 MIKE ENGELHARDT is supporting Lenny Engelhardt (UK)


3-26-2014 dZi Test Donatioin is supporting Craig Lewis (pro rider)


3-21-2014 Anonymous “Ride Strong”


10-21-2013 Jerome Barakos is supporting Thomas Newmeyer


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